I am Xabier Ferro, a woodworking technician and creative designer.

Hobowood Journey

In 2014 I started a comprehensive project that harmonizes the creativity of woodworking with my way of life. Thus arises Hobowood; an artisan brand of wood accessories and a Dodge Tioga motorhome from 76, which I turn into a house-workshop on wheels that I call M.Lackland. Hobowood’s mobile station for traveling and working in the United States.

I am carrying out the reform of the motorhome at the same time that I design and develop the first wooden carabiner on the market. A solid and authentic piece of 17 sheets of bentwood, pressed and sculpted by hand. Available in our online store.

M. Lackland, the workshop house on wheels, will be defined and rebuilt more
and better on the go. I don’t know the meaning of the initial M. but I think
it is a recognition of migrant people; to your hopes, your courage and your
Hobowood is an adventure to live, an illusion that wants to be shared and communicated with creative people, friends and family.

We will leave in June, from Los Angeles, a city of abundance, where I have lived for 3 years. Ever since I arrived, I knew that at some point I would have to leave. Now, at least I’m going the way I like it; Hobowood and M.Lackland were built to say goodbye!

Welcome to Hobowood!

Welcome to M. Lackland!